Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Focus Africa-What Do I Know?

My name is Max and i am keen to learn more about Africa. I joined this GC because i only know small bits about africa, how it is a poverty ridden country, how its economy and government is not the best. Personally i don't think think that this is what Africa really is, i think it is a country full of opportunity and diversity. I think Africa has many amazing natural land masses like the Saharas and also a huge variety of flora and fauna. Even though i have not even studied about Africa much in my school life, i am really eager to help change the way people look at Africa, change their thoughts from “this country is poverty stricken and life there is not good” to “what an amazing country this is and how much better it could be if we all contributed” Through this GC i would like to help children, i say children because kids are the lead-up to the next generation, for example, if children have a bad education now it will affect how we grow as a planet. So i would like to focus upon education and lifestyle for children, lifestyle meaning access to clean water, shelter and a fair supply of food, i know that this is a big ask and a lot to accomplish but it would be amazing to see small change in the way African children live. So one small change from us, theoretically could be a massive change for the lives of African children.
I only know a few NGO’S that are bigger corporations like UNICEF and UNESCO but i would like to find more NGO’s that are more focussed on Africa alone.

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  1. Glad to have you on board Max. Looking forward to our work together.